Monday, July 30, 2012

~Wadihana Islamic Steakhouse ~

Lama x update blog nih..Pemalas tahap gaban wpun byk bende bermain di fikiran..This time around nak story bab eating places that I've been to.. Well to be frank..I tried those places based on bloggers and recommendation of magazines..So the first and foremost is called Wadihana Islamic Steakhouse, a Western eatery located in Bangi..A 100% Bumiputera operated and I have to say, this place is highly recommended for people looking for real taste of Western but not of too expensive in price as in Tony Roma's, Chillis, bla2..Well yep this outlet is incomparable to the later but of their price range, I'd say the quality and taste is close to those standard western restaurant and SURELY not a typical food-court-Malay-like western food..

                          Entrance View
Cooking and kitchen area
Tempat msk pizza..Mcm Italiano tuu..

Dining area
Apina ssn pinggan nak makan..Hahaha

The place is kinda nice of ambiance..Not so much of a high class western place tapi x cikai langsung la..I'd say..Suasana Melayu tu terasa lagi..X poyo sgt..Ok2 je..

Now the main story is the food..Dalam konteks Western restaurant operated by Malay n berdasarkan lidah dan tekak aku, I'd give 4/5.. Seriously man..This place is cool..I just hate those places claim to sell western food which at the end you'll get tipikal coleslaw, timun n tomato or baked bean for their side dish.. this place..They give you grill veges (fav gua!)..Lets scroll on the menu k..

Foods that we have ordered..I can't really recall their exact name and generally I've to say..All are worth to have..

                 Creme brulle (kut namanya..haha)

                         Nachos with beef

                          Tuna sandwich

      Arabian Seafood Spaghetti (mcm marinara cuma lebih pedas)

       Grilled chicken chop (siap ade pillaf rice for sides)

                            Air longan

   Black pepper manual (penuh tekun abg ipar guna bende alah tu)

Price range for the food is between RM5-RM35..Again I have to say this place is highly recommended..Lokasi kedai ni di Bandar Baru Bangi..

Basically kalau dari KL,Seremban or Shah Alam, msk je highway Sg.Besi tu n amik exit Kajang..Lps tol straight ikut signboard Bangi sampai la ke simpang T yg last, xde terus2 dah, sama ada knn or kiri je..Korg amik kiri..Nampak deretan rmh kedai sebelah knn, kedai ni kat area tu la..Bwh ni Google map yg korg boleh folo..

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