Friday, August 13, 2010

Bila BFF Berkahwin..

Smlm slept over at BFF's home..Helped her to pack guest souvenirs for her upcoming wedding..Yep..She's getting married in a month..X lama lagi pun..Skrg sebulan mcm petik jari 2 3x je dah sampai dah.. Still talking to myself in disbelief that she's gonna be a wife finally.. Nak kata benda jadi terlalu sudden pun x jugak..Tapi aku rasa mcm.. Laju smcm semua proses dia ni..Tau2..Eh..Bln dpn nak kahwin dah..

Been friend for nearly 8 years..Since UTM..In fact got to know each other during matriks tp ms tu poyo senior-junior time so xleh baik sgt.. Kakaka..N last became roomates when firstly entered UTM..And the friendship just grew smoothly day by day..Became much closer since working time..

Proud to declare her as 1 of my BFF..She's there during my downs.. Much more during my ups..Able to talk to her in freedom, sarcasm, joy, frustration, sadness...Be it any situations..Dia sesengal-sengal manusia juga sebaik-baik kwn..With her I cry..With her I laugh..

As she's getting married..Surely I'm one of the happiest person.. But how denial can I be as I'm also sad bout it..Hahaha..Bila seorg perempuan berkahwin..Keadaan akan berubah..Sebyk or sesikit mana pun..Pasti ada.. No matter how much assurance she would imply to u that she will remain the same..But the situation will make her not..
I can't no more simply calling her at any time for catch ups, dining, movies, menyotong,mnm bubble tea, bla2..I have now to respect more her time being a wife..

Well surely this is not the first time a good friend of mine is getting married..But in her case..She's a BFF..Whom I love and care as much as I could..Nasib baik another BFF still in the same condition with me..Nad...Ko nak kawin tggu aku okay!! (ni arahan bukan pesanan).

I'm still adjusting my mind trying to understand clearly that she's getting married soon..And alhamdulillah..I'm kinda adjusted..Hrp2 hari dia nikah..Xde pulak lak cecair kristal clear ni nak kuar2 pulak..Itu yg x bleh tahan tu...Aiissshhhh..

Bila BFF berkahwin..The memories remain..And the upcoming shall begin..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Afters-Ocean Wide

This is a new song that I'm so into now..Not so latest as it made out to public on 2008 yet still the latest one to my ear..Hehe..From The Afters, called Ocean Wide..The melody is really nice to hear.. Sbb sy sgt sukakan alternative rock yg mempunyai gabungan bunyi instrument yg lengkap which include drum, bass, lead n acoustic guitar and even keyboard.. Hehe..And the best thing bout the melody is.. Lagu ni ade trn naik graf..Start from verse, chorus, bridge n back to chorus..N surely.. The lyric which is simple yet deep n meaningful.. The song tells about two people living life together and they come across such ups and downs which they have to manage on their own and the end of the day it's back to the love between them which can be an ocean wide..Ala2 lagu utk suami isteri pun boleh or couple yg dh lama harung ssh sng..Hehehe..Care to listen to the song?..Just click at the media player at the left side of my blog.. Enjoy...=)

The Afters

Ocean Wide

Look outside
It's already light and the stars ran away with the night
Things were said, words that we'll try to forget,
It's so hard to admit
I know we've made mistakes

I see through all the tears but that's what got us here

If love is an ocean wide

We'll swim in the tears we cry
They'll see us through to the other side
We're gonna make it
When love is a raging sea
You can hold on to me
We'll find a way tonight
Love is an ocean wide

I'll stay right here

It's where I'll always belong
Tied with your arms
Days like this, I wish the sun wouldn't set
I don't want to forget
What made us feel this way
You see through all my fears
And that's what got us here


Love is an ocean wide enough to forget
Even when we think we can't

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadhan Datang Lagi...

Today is the 1st Ramadhan..Without realizing, it has been a year since the last one..Rasa cpt sgt..Mcm bulan puasa yg dulu baru je jugak lagi habis..Tup2 dah bulan puasa 2010..Gossshhh..So talking bout this Ramadhan..I feel so blur..Feels like it's another Ramadhan to be furnished with fasting, terawikh n tadarus..No anticipation at all.. I in fact don't have any excitement of going to PARAM (psr ramadhan).. Xde plan nak beli makan tu, air ni..Just looking forward for a simple nasi n lauk for buka puase..Why am I being this way??.. Sudah tuakah..Or maybe kesan Ramadhan yg lalu..

Ye..Ramadhan thn lps mmg ssh nak lupa..Ramadhan with joy n sorrow.. But more with sorrow..In fact..More pain..Ramadhan thn lps...I was in the middle of such an emotionally unstable condition..Sebelum start Ramadhan thn lps..Hari2 badan aku x jejak ke tanah..Fikiran melayang..Bila msk Ramadhan..Awal2 puasa tu..Bgn shr selalu agk awal sbb tido x lena..Terganggu dgn mimpi2 yg menggusarkan..My terawih full of tears..Tiap2 kali sujud rasa xleh nak bgn blk..As a matter of fact at that time..Hati aku sgt x tenang.. Jiwa aku sgt kacau.. Fikiran aku mcm nak gila..Semua disebabkan 17 Julai 2009..But as Allah always promise..Ramadhan is a blessful month among all..Time Ramadhan thn lps la aku mula dpt ketenangan hati sikit2 lps lebih sebulan mcm nak gila..Dlm pertengahan puasa..Terasa Allah bagi ketenangan, kekuatan..Dan sampai kini..I can manage all the frustration and misery along the way walaupun kdg2 keserabutan tu timbul..Tapi Ramadhan thn lps la permulaannya..

This Ramadhan..Of course feel much better..And wanna enjoy the month to the fullest..Joined the Faculty tadarus team..Insyaallah akan ada geng buka puasa bila mahu (Tini Awang kamula sape lagikan..Hahaha).. Dah ganti kebanyakan kelas so will have much time to do my own works..

This Ramadhan..I will become a year older..And as a matter of fact.. I feel old already..Membygkan PARAM yg serabut, sesak dgn org n merimaskan sampai xde rasa nak pegi pun is good enuff to indicate my age crisis..Huhuhu..

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ada Apa Dengan OGOS...

Ogos muncul kembali...August is one of my anticipation every year.. Ogos penanda ada lagi 4 bln je before tahun tu berkahir...Ogos bulan Malaysia sambut Merdeka..N this year..August will be celebrated as Eid Mubarak by Muslim as Ramadhan falls on the same time..Friendship Day falls in August..Oh ya.. Ogos anniversary Siti dgn Datuk K.. Hahaha..

Apa yg sinonim sgt Ogos ni dgn aku..Well generally..August is an indicator to my paradigm shift..Bulan Ogos la Abg Wadi, Kak Wati n aku mengalami tambahan setahun kematangan hidup..People will usually look back at what they have achieved either at the beginning or the end of year..But me..I look at those at August..Setiap Ogos yg tiba..Apa yg aku dah capai dlm hidup..N what will I achieve in the next August..

Org2 xleh terima hakikat maybe akan ckp..Apa ada pd umur..Hahaha.. Yes..Age is just a number..But age indicates something..If not the interpretation of age wouldn't exist..Pasti ada beza bila berumur 10 thn, 20 thn, 30 thn bla2...Kalau xde beza...Tanda hidup sia2 mungkin.. To me age is something as I enjoyed every single year of my life..Be it ups or downs..My single year of age was fulfilled..

Ada apa dgn Ogos..Mmmm..August is always something sentimental to me..Back when I was kid..Ogos tu mcm lambat je nak sampai..But now as I am..Pejam celik je dah Ogos..Pejam celik lagi dah Ogos thn dpn..Pejam celik lagi dah Ogos seterusnya..

Of those 28 times of August..I had experienced a lot..A wonderful August, a sad one, a happening one..May Allah bless me with more years of August...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If I were not...

If I were not a GIRL..

Surely I'm a guy…Kebarangkalian 5% aku khunsa, 0 aku ni maknyah and sebagainya…Tak pakai tudung sekarang…Rambut aku spikey taruk gel lebih sikit.. Had pair of Clark Walabees for my feet.. Sarung seluar Levi’s engineered jeans..Wearing collar stripes tshirt of TOPMAN .. Tgh hantar tempah baju melayu teluk belanga utk raya ni…And tengah berbahagia bersama awek yg insyaallah akan ke jinjang pelamin bersama-sama (sebab jadi lelaki senang dpt pasangan compared tu jadi pompuan..hahaha)

If I were not taking CIVIL ENGINEERING…

I might have pursued studies related to arts such as scripwriting, moviemaking, directing or at least interior designing…Aku xyah pecah kepala wat Reinforced Concrete Design I&II sampai lebam-lebam bijik mata stay up..Aku xyah pecah kepala otak menghafal notes Concrete Technologies where at the end of the day I only managed to get B-…??!!…X dapat kenal NONA MANISian yg sume otak x bape center tapi besh dibuat member..

If I were not an Ex-UTM…

I might end up being an ex-UKM sebab ayah aku keje situ and dekat dgn rumah…X duduk Kolej 12 n main Internet sampai lebam for the fees of RM90 per sem..X merasa duk negeri Johor and experience all great things and cultures of this wonderfull place.. X pandai nak makan otak-otak, tauhu and cakoi bakar..Jgn harap dapat tengok midnight movies or doing any night activities.. Pegi karaoke, mengeteh kat mapley n pegi PARAM during Ramadhan..

If I were not a LECTURER..

I might now work as an engineer..Pecah kepala membuat design..Bergaduh dgn kontraktor or client.. Having get to deal with authorities yg kejenye nk main belakang je..Ooopppsss..Xde life sbb selalu blk lambat and hafta works extra time to meet up deadline..Bertukar-tukar kerja sbb nak good pay and promotion..Kemudian tak tahan n maybe quit..Do things that I like..But might not get chance to know those lovable colleagues in UiTM..Rugi ooo...

If I were not my PARENTS' DAUGHTER..

I might not look for my real parents kut..Stay je lah dgn family skrg..After all these 28 years of life, how could I switch myself to be with strangers who claim they are my real family… Furthermore.. If they don’t want me before (at the time I was born),how could they want me now rite..After all..My current parents and family is one of the greatest thing Allah ever bless me with..

If I were not ME…

Will I ever be as what I am now…Will l be blessed with the great family, those great relatives and fantabulous friends as well as the wonderful life that I am enjoying with now…

Allah has got his own plan on me..For me to walk on the better path..Some might go against my will but Allah’s plan never disappoint anybody..It’s us who don’t know how to appreciate things around..It’s us who tend to disappoint and ruin everything..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Uda & Dara.. ~Dissatisfaction~

Yesterday watched Uda & Dara at IB..Show was at 8.30pm..Bought the ticket of price RM33, located at Upper Circle..Yet we had the chance to sit at Grand Circle which usually priced at RM60++..Org x ramai.. Biasala..When I booked the ticket..Saw lots more of available seats yet smlm tetiba mcm penuh smcm..At the entrance we heard a girl (penyambut tetamu kut) saying.."Yg ada tiket msk dulu..Msk dulu".. WTF???..Ada yg xde tiket ke??..Shittoss!!

Manage to sit at the Grand circle but quite at the back row..Can't really see those actors faces clearly..But the view for stage was superb..Saw quite a number of Malaysian artist..Cico, Uji Rashid n Nita (sempat ambik gambar lagik..Hehehe)..Mahmud Ali Bashah..Some faces that I recognized but can't recall their names..

So back to the show..Uda & Dara..Malay version of Romeo & Juliet (some said..I can't really tell y is it so??)..All in all..Not many stars to give..So n so je..I'm not as satisfied as watching Sri Mersing..The plot, storyline, singing part n acting wasn't as good as Sri Mersing was..Tengok Uda & Dara, I'd say..The graph is rather flat..Not much anticipation n climax..In fact the ending wasn't that good at all..Main characters (Uda & Dara la kan)were not interpreted clearly..In fact certain characters (Utih la sape lagi)were too distracting..Most of the scene tend to be some sort of monolog session rather than having conversation as much as telling the real stories..

Misha Omar was so n so but I'd say not her acting was the problem.. It was the character that she has to bring out as..Dara seems not a typical Malay kampung girl..Dara by Misha Omar was someone chicky, playful..She sang well yer her voice was more to soul melody..So mcm x kena je dgn imej lagu tradisional Melayu..Razali as Uda..Macho la juga..Suara pun sedap..Not bad la..Lain2 pelakon..Standard la berlakon teater..It was just the singing part that truly frustrating..X sedap la yg lain2 tu menyanyi..Off pitch btl..Huhu..

I'd give 2 stars out of 5..Huhu..All in all..Still had a great time watching it coz I watched the show with good friends..That's the main purpose in fact..Spending time with friends, enjoying something different..

Sunday, July 18, 2010


After certain days of thought..Finally I decide to create a blog..Tadaaa... Wadat's Props!!.. Might be a bit delay I guess since blogging has actually become quite common when I was actually a student..Tapi baru ada rasa nak create blog skrg..Hahaha..

Kenapa baru nak buat blog??
1. Baru terasa nak menaip..
2. Could be one of the medium to sharpen and enhance my English skill..I speak English quite a lot yet I don't really practise the writing part lately.. Will be taking IELTS again soon..So..This is the best way to practise..
3. As I have lots of thoughts and views that I can't really keep to myself.. Sharing is caring anyway... Hahaha..
4. Mcm best je tgk org ade blog... Hahaha

Since now I already have a blog..A BIG question come to my mind... Mampukah nak commit.. Takkan nak tulis bila ikut mood je..Tak best la..And yet I don't have the answer..Just go with the flow dude...