Thursday, December 27, 2012

Phad Thai, Taipan USJ

Suka tomyam pekat bersantan bersusu sikit tak?..Haa meh nak rekomen 1 spot baekk punya nih..Phad Thai..Penah terbaca psl tempat ni kat paper, surfing tgk bloggers promo so satu hari tu pegi try tgk sendiri..Sudah sgt teringin.. Pure Thai restaurant whose workers are mainly Siamese.. Even the owner is Siamese..The place is named after a signature dish of Thailand called "Phad Thai", which is kinda kuey teow goreng in Malaysia.. Main attraction to me mestila tomyam die..Layan pic kat bwh dulu..

                          Front view                                   It's HALAL
              Entrance..Patung for deco only             Review published posted on the  door

                           Stall tu tempat display produk;sos Thai                  Dining area

Entered the place, I already had in mind what to have for dining..Yet I still went thru the menu..So many to choose from and the price is yet still affordable though..

Menu that would tempting you straight away...

Done with browsing the menu, I chose what I had in mind earlier but added with a dessert..It seems only me chose to have dessert than others.. Hehehe..Tamak haloba nak mkn..Foods that have been ordered were as follows..

The top pic is ommelete yet not a typical one..The actual name in the menu is Bangkok bla bla..Ooohh I can't recall the name..Sedap gile kut.. Telur dadar ni ade inti udg dlm die..Sgt gebu, rangup sikit2 tapi a bit oily..Boleh mkn 2-3 org...Price at RM7.90 if not mistaken..

Yg kat atas tu sotong goreng..Big size of squid, batter die rangup and the squid itself is light n tender..Aku x suka jenis sotong goreng tepung sampai kecut n kering air dlm sotong tu..Liat..Yg ni perfect..Rubbery enough..Cicah dgn ori Thai chilly sauce..Harga RM9.90..

Here come the signature dish..Tomyam seafood..Don't get confused with the one of clear soup..You can check in the menu..This is of code T5..Tomyam nye bersantan sikit, pekat, pedas n cukup rasa..Seafoodnye agak byk..Udang, sotong, ketam, isi ikan siakap n kulat (mushrooms)..I so love the taste!!..Yg penting x bersampah-sarap dgn serai, lengkuas halia segala bagai..4/5 aku bg..Harga RM15.90..

Finally my dessert..It's called Tub Tim Krob..Kat bahagian bawah tu ice yg dah hancur, tuang air santan atas die..And topped with water chestnut (sengkuang cina) dgn hirisan nangka..1st time mkn water chestnut tu.. Not bad la..Bende ni sedap but unfortunatle I had it after my stomach is full with those lauk-pauk n nasi..Price at RM3.90..

I didn't order any special drink..Based on reviews of others, quite some of the drinks that customers are so recommended to try..Next time perhaps.. Overall, this place is satisfying enough for an almost-pure-and-authentic-yet-so-affordable Thai foodplace..You can simply have the taste of Chakri Express, Sri Ayuthaya or other high-end Thai restaurant, here at cheaper price..Portion of food here is generally for 2-3 persons..Except for those nasi goreng n noodles..

Mcm mana nak pegi kan?..It is located mainly in the Taipan USJ area, opposite to the multilevel parking at the heart of Taipan..If you are coming from the MPSJ junction with MPSJ on your left side, go straight and you'll come to a small right turn going into Taipan..Take the turn, go straight a bit and you'll see McD on your right side..There's a right turn junction exactly near to the mcD..Take the right turn, then a left turn (with Station One cafe being at the corner) and you'll come to the small road where Phad Thai is located..It should be on your left..Refer to the map below..



21, Jalan USJ 10/1C,
Taipan USJ,
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel No : +016-239 2072, +019-477 9545
Business hours : Tues-Sun, 10am – 10pm.
Closed on Mondays.
GPS Coordinates : 3.048661,101.584566

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Research Presentation : Panel komen ke hentam?..

First and foremost please read what I'm about to write with an open mind, without prejudice and BEAR IN MIND, THIS IS TOTALLY FROM MY POINT OF VIEW AND I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY THEM AS I'M SURE IT DOESN'T BRING ANY NATIONAL OR RELIGIOUS HARM TO ANYBODY..I welcome any open, constructive and matured COMMENT not CONDEMN..

Hari ni meround tgk budak2 Masters present disertasi 1..Tau ade presentation disertasi hari ni tapi terasa nak pegi meround tgk bila dgr conversation dua org student duk mengomel pasal panel..And part of their conversation was to compare between how harsh the faculty's panel and theirs previously..Dgr diaorg petik nama U diaorg so I know, they were not FKA UiTM graduates previously..Sorg tu mcm nangis sikit2 mengadu yg panel dia bkn komen tp kondem, x bagi input tau2 ckp salah je..Rasa x best gak dgr sbb melibatkan nama Fakulti n kwn sekerja tp ssh jugak nak ckp bdk tu x salah sbb sesama pensyarah pun ade yg biase je merungut bila panel mempersoal kerja buat student masing2 tanpa asas kukuh, kondem je lebih..But that was the time when I was a lecturer..

So apalagi..Rasa nak pegi tgk la bdk2 Masters present disertasi 1 ni n this time around me being a student,nak cuba lihat dari perspektif student and I can do so as after 1 year off from work, pemikiran sebagai student tu dah meresap blk la dlm jiwa ni..Ditambah dgn pengalaman sendiri present proposal PHD aku smpai 2 kali, jadi rasa nak buat pemerhatian sendiri pasal bab kondem or komen ni..So generally my perception now as student-lecturer and I'm kinda sure, isn't bias enough..Aku penah attend presentation kat IPSIS yg bdk2 n panel cmpur dr pelbagai fakulti.. 

Disertasi ialah projek penyelidikan yg dijalankan oleh bdk2 Masters by coursework..X bleh dipanggil thesis mcm bdk Masters by research sbb tempoh buat x selama yg by research..It's just a partial fulfillment to grad..So basically, weight die pun x sepatutnya heavy sgt la..Disertasi  ialah proposal baru..Kite present apa yg kite cadang nak buat, so all things and stuff are supposedly in TENTATIVE manner..

Pegi tgk tadi randomly je..Tgk "curi2" je..Yg mana dan..Ade dpt tgk dr awal, ade yg tgh2, ade yg dh ms nak abis..I watched few presentations randomly n I may conclude condemn n comment tu sama byk je and it's hard for me to defy what the earlier student judged..Mmg la xde beza sgt pun tapi mmg ade yg menghentam n kena ambil kira jugak la kenapa kondem ng komen sm byk sbb senario mengkondem dari mengomen ni aku rasa x sepatutnya dlm dunia akademik, dunia penuh kehormatan..

Ni pandangan aku sendiri sbgi seorg lecturer yg penah jadi panel bersama lecturer lain, dan kini jadi student dan menghadap panel2 di kalangan lecturer..Based on observation aku all this while pegi project presentation fakulti dan luar fakulti, SEBAHAGIAN lecturer lebih condemn dari comment.. Cth senario condemn tu ialah spt di bwh (partly translated into BM):

1) Condemn
   "Objektif, skop, significance kamu semua salah ni, tak betul bla2..  
    Salah, kene betulkan,ni bkn level Master, ni bdk degre pun boleh 
    buat etc.."
Tapi dia x bg tau ape yg salah, part mana nak betulkan

   Sepatutnya kalau Komen
   " Objektif kamu ni agak ringkas, skop ni tak jelas dari segi  

     ekperimen, sampel, analisis,mungkin perlu kecilkan lagi.. 
     Penggunaan perkataan x berapa tepat,x nampak berada pada level 
     Masters..Mungkin perlu tukar penggubahan ayat.. Etc"

2) Condemn
   "Literature review ni x betul, xde kaitan..X betul semua ni..Copy 
    paste je ni.."

   Sepatutnya kalau Komen
   "Literature review kamu ni krg berkaitan dari segi comparison study 
    kamu dan yg dah dibuat, keyword juga byk krg relevan...Etc"

And the worst is when some of them did say some harsh words to students whom I found nothing much were really bad about their presentation except for they need a lot of constructive comments:

   "Saya boleh failkan kamu tau kalau mcm ni"
   "Awk jgn main2..Saya boleh buat awk extend sethn 2 thn tau.."
   "Awk ingt ni main2 ke?..Nasib awk nak lulus gagal ni kat tgn kami  
    panel tau" 

I found that was so inappropriate dan aku paham sgt perasaan tu sbb aku penah kene (bknlah ayat kat atas tapi ayat2 bermain dgn nasib org la) dlm presentation aku..It's too much to threat student in that way, putting yourself as being so powerful that you would play around with one's fate??..Itu semua kerja Allah kut..Mmg lah ckp je,sj nak bg budak tu cuak sikit n lebih serius, belum tentu buat tapi itu dah bermain dgn perasaan manusia..Sape tau dgn org mcm mana yg kite deal..Kalau student tu jenis xleh thn, kuar blk terus pegi terjun bunuh diri??..Mmg bodohla student tu tp kite lecturer yg bg komen mcm tu can be part of the death contribution..Ingat cite 3 Idiots tu??..Can't they give simple words like:

    "Awak punye study ni byk yg perlu diperbaiki lagi..Kene bincang blk 
     dgn SV"

Research ni kalau budak degree, baru nak bljr2 buat research n kite x panggil research pun utk diaorg..Kite panggil study..Bende disertasi 1 ni lak, they are coursework students..Bukan bdk research..Bdk coursework ni mengadap kelas, test, assignment, final exam, xleh expect sama mcm bdk research yg mmg ngadap bnde tu je..Masa aku study kat UTM dulu, disertasi 1 sgt sempoi..And yes my lecturers (who were professors working high-end research and published in top jurnals, bkn senior lecturer dgn PHD sj or fresh2 blk PHD pun), bleh komen dgn penuh lucu tp membina and I got inputs walking out of the presentation..

Bila kita menilai pelajar, ye, kedudukan kite adalah sbgi seorg pensyarah dan akademik kite lebih tggi dari mereka tapi kita tak boleh set mind berada dlm kedudukan tu..Kite kene sdr kite pernah ade dlm kedudukan mereka.. Sblm kite dpt PHD ke ape ke, kite juga kene lalui ape diaorg lalui so septtnye bnde2 tu buat kite sdr kesusahan, kepayahan n xde ilmu tentang sesuatu pd peringkat mereka..Jd tugas kite ialah bimbing diaorg, bukan kondem.. You cannot expect a 25 year old student to have the knowledge as much as you do being in 40's..Cannot expect bdk yg belum abis Masternye utk tahu mcm kite yg dh ada PHD..Kite kene turunkan diri kite sikit utk fhm keupayaan diaorg dr segi pengetahuan dan pengalaman.. Kalau mcm tu la senarionya, jenuhla budak2 darjah 1 yg diajar oleh guru2 yg siap ada Masters..Kenapa cikgu2 sekolah yg ade Masters mampu ajar bdk2 sekolah sbb cikgu2 ni "turunkan" diri mereka sikit utk paham keupayaan budak..Itu yg jarang dibuat pensyarah.. Sebahagian dari kite jadi ego n high expectation dan hukumannya melalui penilaian markah dan kata2 menilai yg sgt krg intelektualitinya..

Benda mcm ni mmg la kene tgk senario..Kalau mmg budak tu x perform, x memenuhi syarat2 penilaian disertasi tu, xkan nak bg muka tapi jgn HENTAM..Just KOMEN..Sbb bab2 research ni, sgt subjektif dan student ada supervisor masing2..Menghentam student dgn tuduhan x betul, salah, akan fail dan sebagainya, ibarat menuduh supervisornya x menjlnkan amanah juga dan menuduh tu satu bnda yg salah..Kalau dah student tu memenuhi spesifikasi markah yg hendak diberi, cth kene ade sekian2 perkara n student tu provide tp krg betul (mcm isu2 objektif, skop bagai tu sume), komen dan suruh perbaiki..Jgn hentam..

Hal ni nmpk remeh tp akan memberi impak dari segi persepsi org thdp pensyarah umumnya dan sesekian Fakulti, Universiti or pensyarah itu sendiri..Bila kite menghentam instead or mengomen, kredibiliti kite sbgi seorg ilmuwan boleh dipertikai dan dlm zmn skrg yg student lebih advance dlm berfikir dan menilai sbb perkembangan masa, diaorg akan question kebolehpengetahuan kite melalui HENTAM/KOMEN tu..HENTAM tu boleh dikira escapism seseorg utk menafikan kebolehtahuannya terhdp satu perkara..

I don't write this to conclude all the lecturers in this whole world mcm tu..Apalagi di UiTM ni..Tapi aku nak ckp, senario ni wujud n aku rs bnde ni penting sbb bila student bersuara, mereka sdg menilai kita sbnrnya dan kita xleh amik remeh, lagi2 bila perkara tu ada asasnya..I'm not picking side but it's important for me to gain respect from students in being a lecturer.. I'm talking about respect in term of knowledge.. Respect org tua ke x tu mmg xyh persoal la..Itu rules of thumb..Aku xnak sbb sebahagian lecturer yg kuat menghentam tp sebenarnya kosong, akan memberi persepsi kpd lecturer yg lain..

Anyway this is just my 2 cents, my mind, my heart my soul and my props!