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Tengok kat 8TV Best of The World tu terus blog pasal kedai ni and semalam pegi usha n MAKAN!!..Nama tempat ni mmg Satay Madura..Penah msk JJCM juga...

                           Banner depan kedai..Xde signboard..

Tempat ni warung je and FYI, Kayu Ara ni area Melayu tapi ramai mendatang.. The owner is originally from Madura..Husband n wife..They rent the place at night to sell the satay..This place sells specific dish only (as displayed on the banner)..But more choices for drinks (typical warung drinks).. So went with a friend and we ordered the satay and bakso.. Chicken and beef..

 Bakso with red sauce (right) and without (left)..My friend  wanna taste the soup solely without any sauce but with the ra w chilli..Heh2..  

                  The satay                            Extra joss (right) and teh o ais

The satay taste not much different from ours except that, it is not much marinated as our typical satay..Eating satay Madura is like eating the pure barbequed chicken and beef..Looking at the raw satay, it isn't look as yellowish as ours..Ayam nampak putih mcm isi asal and daging nampak merah mcm isi asal..Even the owner said that they do not marinate for a long time..Cutting into pieces, put onto stick and straight away go for business (yes indeed the satay taste fresh and tender).. The beef is nice and to be truth, the feeling is simply like eating the typical steak of Western restaurant (am I exaggerating??)..Kuahnye masih kuah kacang (dgn kacang yg lebih halus), but top up with sliced hot chillies and shallots as well as a bit of sweet thick soy sauce..And that combination is.. MARVELLOUS!!..They have kambing but I didn't order..

While the bakso, taste so good and original(as expected)..But I was a bit frustrated with the meatball..Supposedly, the pure Indonesian bakso I always had, comes with tennis-ball size of meatball and the smaller one.. But not for this place..Yet the taste did satisfy me enough to ignore  the meatball issue..Extra joss is sort of energy drink for Indonesians (org Indon keje kat site suka sgt air ni)..The ingredients include some ginseng and royal honey but the taste is simply delicious..A bit gassy yet the rest feel like you are drinking the Vitagen..It comes with various fruit flavors like anggur, epal, jambu..

*note to Shah Alam people..This is the real Extra Joss instead of the one we usually had at the Ayam Penyet Pdg. Jawa..;)*

This place is just a typical local eating area..Nothing so posh but looking at other blogs, the place is visited by all Malays and Chineses (despite the Indonesian themselves)..Parking is a bit difficult, tapi boleh park dekat opposite commercial building within a walking distance..Parking berbayar la tapi..

             Food preparing area            Dining area (more tables inside)

      Tempting satay being grilled      Owner, kak Mina (sempat amik 
                                           gambar tuu..Cantik kan)

In summary:
Price: Within budget
Taste: Delicious
Cleanliness: More than average
Parking: Could be worked out  
Overall: Total satisfaction  

This place is located at Jalan Cempaka, Kayu Ara..Talking bout the direction, the simplest is by using the NKVE..Take the Damansara exit.. After the toll, you have come to the Kayu Ara area on your right and left side n the place is on the right side that you need to go into the opposite road.. So, DO NOT, even accidentally take the flyover heading to the SPRINT link but take the left ramp at the flyover and u-turn..After u-turn, straightly take the first left (before the newly built commercial building, I couldn't recall the name)..And just about 100m, you'll see the shop on your left, near to a surau..


More pictures from this web..
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