Thursday, December 27, 2012

Phad Thai, Taipan USJ

Suka tomyam pekat bersantan bersusu sikit tak?..Haa meh nak rekomen 1 spot baekk punya nih..Phad Thai..Penah terbaca psl tempat ni kat paper, surfing tgk bloggers promo so satu hari tu pegi try tgk sendiri..Sudah sgt teringin.. Pure Thai restaurant whose workers are mainly Siamese.. Even the owner is Siamese..The place is named after a signature dish of Thailand called "Phad Thai", which is kinda kuey teow goreng in Malaysia.. Main attraction to me mestila tomyam die..Layan pic kat bwh dulu..

                          Front view                                   It's HALAL
              Entrance..Patung for deco only             Review published posted on the  door

                           Stall tu tempat display produk;sos Thai                  Dining area

Entered the place, I already had in mind what to have for dining..Yet I still went thru the menu..So many to choose from and the price is yet still affordable though..

Menu that would tempting you straight away...

Done with browsing the menu, I chose what I had in mind earlier but added with a dessert..It seems only me chose to have dessert than others.. Hehehe..Tamak haloba nak mkn..Foods that have been ordered were as follows..

The top pic is ommelete yet not a typical one..The actual name in the menu is Bangkok bla bla..Ooohh I can't recall the name..Sedap gile kut.. Telur dadar ni ade inti udg dlm die..Sgt gebu, rangup sikit2 tapi a bit oily..Boleh mkn 2-3 org...Price at RM7.90 if not mistaken..

Yg kat atas tu sotong goreng..Big size of squid, batter die rangup and the squid itself is light n tender..Aku x suka jenis sotong goreng tepung sampai kecut n kering air dlm sotong tu..Liat..Yg ni perfect..Rubbery enough..Cicah dgn ori Thai chilly sauce..Harga RM9.90..

Here come the signature dish..Tomyam seafood..Don't get confused with the one of clear soup..You can check in the menu..This is of code T5..Tomyam nye bersantan sikit, pekat, pedas n cukup rasa..Seafoodnye agak byk..Udang, sotong, ketam, isi ikan siakap n kulat (mushrooms)..I so love the taste!!..Yg penting x bersampah-sarap dgn serai, lengkuas halia segala bagai..4/5 aku bg..Harga RM15.90..

Finally my dessert..It's called Tub Tim Krob..Kat bahagian bawah tu ice yg dah hancur, tuang air santan atas die..And topped with water chestnut (sengkuang cina) dgn hirisan nangka..1st time mkn water chestnut tu.. Not bad la..Bende ni sedap but unfortunatle I had it after my stomach is full with those lauk-pauk n nasi..Price at RM3.90..

I didn't order any special drink..Based on reviews of others, quite some of the drinks that customers are so recommended to try..Next time perhaps.. Overall, this place is satisfying enough for an almost-pure-and-authentic-yet-so-affordable Thai foodplace..You can simply have the taste of Chakri Express, Sri Ayuthaya or other high-end Thai restaurant, here at cheaper price..Portion of food here is generally for 2-3 persons..Except for those nasi goreng n noodles..

Mcm mana nak pegi kan?..It is located mainly in the Taipan USJ area, opposite to the multilevel parking at the heart of Taipan..If you are coming from the MPSJ junction with MPSJ on your left side, go straight and you'll come to a small right turn going into Taipan..Take the turn, go straight a bit and you'll see McD on your right side..There's a right turn junction exactly near to the mcD..Take the right turn, then a left turn (with Station One cafe being at the corner) and you'll come to the small road where Phad Thai is located..It should be on your left..Refer to the map below..



21, Jalan USJ 10/1C,
Taipan USJ,
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel No : +016-239 2072, +019-477 9545
Business hours : Tues-Sun, 10am – 10pm.
Closed on Mondays.
GPS Coordinates : 3.048661,101.584566

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