Sunday, July 18, 2010


After certain days of thought..Finally I decide to create a blog..Tadaaa... Wadat's Props!!.. Might be a bit delay I guess since blogging has actually become quite common when I was actually a student..Tapi baru ada rasa nak create blog skrg..Hahaha..

Kenapa baru nak buat blog??
1. Baru terasa nak menaip..
2. Could be one of the medium to sharpen and enhance my English skill..I speak English quite a lot yet I don't really practise the writing part lately.. Will be taking IELTS again soon..So..This is the best way to practise..
3. As I have lots of thoughts and views that I can't really keep to myself.. Sharing is caring anyway... Hahaha..
4. Mcm best je tgk org ade blog... Hahaha

Since now I already have a blog..A BIG question come to my mind... Mampukah nak commit.. Takkan nak tulis bila ikut mood je..Tak best la..And yet I don't have the answer..Just go with the flow dude...


  1. congrats babe!!i will follow youuuuu~

  2. Hahahaha..Tq my follower..Pergh rs mcm celebs sehhh..