Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If I were not...

If I were not a GIRL..

Surely I'm a guy…Kebarangkalian 5% aku khunsa, 0 aku ni maknyah and sebagainya…Tak pakai tudung sekarang…Rambut aku spikey taruk gel lebih sikit.. Had pair of Clark Walabees for my feet.. Sarung seluar Levi’s engineered jeans..Wearing collar stripes tshirt of TOPMAN .. Tgh hantar tempah baju melayu teluk belanga utk raya ni…And tengah berbahagia bersama awek yg insyaallah akan ke jinjang pelamin bersama-sama (sebab jadi lelaki senang dpt pasangan compared tu jadi pompuan..hahaha)

If I were not taking CIVIL ENGINEERING…

I might have pursued studies related to arts such as scripwriting, moviemaking, directing or at least interior designing…Aku xyah pecah kepala wat Reinforced Concrete Design I&II sampai lebam-lebam bijik mata stay up..Aku xyah pecah kepala otak menghafal notes Concrete Technologies where at the end of the day I only managed to get B-…??!!…X dapat kenal NONA MANISian yg sume otak x bape center tapi besh dibuat member..

If I were not an Ex-UTM…

I might end up being an ex-UKM sebab ayah aku keje situ and dekat dgn rumah…X duduk Kolej 12 n main Internet sampai lebam for the fees of RM90 per sem..X merasa duk negeri Johor and experience all great things and cultures of this wonderfull place.. X pandai nak makan otak-otak, tauhu and cakoi bakar..Jgn harap dapat tengok midnight movies or doing any night activities.. Pegi karaoke, mengeteh kat mapley n pegi PARAM during Ramadhan..

If I were not a LECTURER..

I might now work as an engineer..Pecah kepala membuat design..Bergaduh dgn kontraktor or client.. Having get to deal with authorities yg kejenye nk main belakang je..Ooopppsss..Xde life sbb selalu blk lambat and hafta works extra time to meet up deadline..Bertukar-tukar kerja sbb nak good pay and promotion..Kemudian tak tahan n maybe quit..Do things that I like..But might not get chance to know those lovable colleagues in UiTM..Rugi ooo...

If I were not my PARENTS' DAUGHTER..

I might not look for my real parents kut..Stay je lah dgn family skrg..After all these 28 years of life, how could I switch myself to be with strangers who claim they are my real family… Furthermore.. If they don’t want me before (at the time I was born),how could they want me now rite..After all..My current parents and family is one of the greatest thing Allah ever bless me with..

If I were not ME…

Will I ever be as what I am now…Will l be blessed with the great family, those great relatives and fantabulous friends as well as the wonderful life that I am enjoying with now…

Allah has got his own plan on me..For me to walk on the better path..Some might go against my will but Allah’s plan never disappoint anybody..It’s us who don’t know how to appreciate things around..It’s us who tend to disappoint and ruin everything..


  1. Caya la miss C_t_...
    but.......wut happen when it was u...

  2. Well Ain..It's what I am now kut...=)

  3. uish,kalau topik ni..byk jugak aku nk berkebarangkalian ngn diri aku ni.hehe ;)

  4. k.wadat, identity crisis ke hape yang first tuh??
    hakkk3.but i loike.
    hummm.macam frust jek study civil?? huhuu.