Friday, August 13, 2010

Bila BFF Berkahwin..

Smlm slept over at BFF's home..Helped her to pack guest souvenirs for her upcoming wedding..Yep..She's getting married in a month..X lama lagi pun..Skrg sebulan mcm petik jari 2 3x je dah sampai dah.. Still talking to myself in disbelief that she's gonna be a wife finally.. Nak kata benda jadi terlalu sudden pun x jugak..Tapi aku rasa mcm.. Laju smcm semua proses dia ni..Tau2..Eh..Bln dpn nak kahwin dah..

Been friend for nearly 8 years..Since UTM..In fact got to know each other during matriks tp ms tu poyo senior-junior time so xleh baik sgt.. Kakaka..N last became roomates when firstly entered UTM..And the friendship just grew smoothly day by day..Became much closer since working time..

Proud to declare her as 1 of my BFF..She's there during my downs.. Much more during my ups..Able to talk to her in freedom, sarcasm, joy, frustration, sadness...Be it any situations..Dia sesengal-sengal manusia juga sebaik-baik kwn..With her I cry..With her I laugh..

As she's getting married..Surely I'm one of the happiest person.. But how denial can I be as I'm also sad bout it..Hahaha..Bila seorg perempuan berkahwin..Keadaan akan berubah..Sebyk or sesikit mana pun..Pasti ada.. No matter how much assurance she would imply to u that she will remain the same..But the situation will make her not..
I can't no more simply calling her at any time for catch ups, dining, movies, menyotong,mnm bubble tea, bla2..I have now to respect more her time being a wife..

Well surely this is not the first time a good friend of mine is getting married..But in her case..She's a BFF..Whom I love and care as much as I could..Nasib baik another BFF still in the same condition with me..Nad...Ko nak kawin tggu aku okay!! (ni arahan bukan pesanan).

I'm still adjusting my mind trying to understand clearly that she's getting married soon..And alhamdulillah..I'm kinda adjusted..Hrp2 hari dia nikah..Xde pulak lak cecair kristal clear ni nak kuar2 pulak..Itu yg x bleh tahan tu...Aiissshhhh..

Bila BFF berkahwin..The memories remain..And the upcoming shall begin..

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