Thursday, January 12, 2012

...I MISS MY JOB....

Not trying to create confusion more over to act in sarcasm but...I MISS MY JOB..I truly am..Not really the works stuff that I miss to be frank..But the routine..I miss my routine..

Sleeping and waking up early without sleeping back after Subuh, get busy preparing to go to works..Get early breakfast, go to classes..Sedar x sedar dah lunch hour..Then continue with lectures..If not, do stuff that I have to do..Then dah ptg, blk rmh..Berehat..And by 9-10pm dah siap2 nak tido sbb penat..Dan tidurnya sgt nyenyak dan nyaman..Yup..Byi mcm xde life but that's kinda life to me..Then bila weekend or public hols, tertunggu2 sbb nak rest puas2..Nak buat leisure activities..Rasa cuti sgt bermakna..

People been saying of how lucky I am under this study-leave mode.. Entahlah..Cuti mmg best tp setakat sebln dua ok lagi..Bila dah sampai berthn, jadi mcm mana tah rasanya..What I could say is..I lost my anticipation..Semua leisure activities dah boleh dibuat bila2 masa nak tanpa ada kekangan waktu bekerja, so my real weekend n public hols become so null..Rasa nak tgk wyg, pegi jela pukul 11pg hari keje pun xde sape nk marah (kalo xde rs berdosa la hahaha)..Nak pegi mandi sungai pun boleh.. And I seem not to have a routine, which is my own fault for not creating one but when you are under a "leave" mode, tiada sbrg paksaan atau kekangan masa utk buat apa2 pada masa2 tertentu..It's all on us to decide..Yep.. Discipline is the issue but not in mine..Still make myself to go to office a.k.a school almost everyday..Xdela kata x berdisiplin sgt pun..

Moreover..I seem to have a sleeping problem as I don't feel so tired from daytime activities physically and mentally,to force me to sleep early..Dah pukul 12am ni and I'm still wide awake..Damn..

Ohh manusia mmg x pernah puas..Dah dpt itu, nak ini..Dpt ini nak itu..Well I'm just expressing myself..Nothing much from it..

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