Tuesday, December 27, 2011

:2011 ROCKS!!::

Final day to 2012..2011 is gonna leave us soon..Kejap je rasa.. Baru lagi kut rasa pegi lepak kat Kg. Baru tgk bunga api KLCC..Tau2 dah nak abis sethn pun..How's your 2011??..In my case..I'd say..AWESOME!!..I had a rough time on 2009 and a gloomy one on 2010..But Allah is always with me going through the ups and downs..Alhamdulillah..2011 is kinda a fabulous year to me..2011 did bring sweet memories to me..Xde psg apa2 azam pun awalnya but had some plans in my mind earlier..And Alhamdulillah almost semua berjln lancar..Began the year with some properties purchase..The booking starts on the end of 2010 and done in 2011..

Got the dream car of mine on 030311.. Yes it has been only in my dream that I never thought I could actually own it someday or soon..Mazda 3 Sport 1.6 (A) which I've been "usharing" is finally mine..Pak Da his name is..Been admiring the design, the coolness, the bla2...Pak Da came just on the right time with a right offer and a right budget that I could prepare for..And spending time with Pak Da throughout the days couldn't be sweeter...And for Pak Da to come in, I had to let go my precious Kelisa a.k.a Winona..Will redeem you back baby when the time comes..*Winona will always be kept close to my heart*...

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June 2011..Officially moved to my own house..Just a 2nd hand 2-bedroom low cost flat but at least, to buy a house is a very big step to take at the young age (young la sgt kannnnnn...;)) ..Been conflicting with myself at the early time trying to decide on which house to buy..Shall I get the landed or non one temporarily and finally..Che' Mah came into my life..That's her name is..Moga2 ada rezeki utk yg landed punya 1 sweet day..Harga rumah yg sgt2 mhl really made me think of at least buying a small house first for living currently and investment in the future..Instead of paying for rental, I in fact pay for my own house..

Got my Pemberian Taraf Berpencen (PTB) status in July 2011..PTB is synonym to a government servant who's been working for 3 years and opted for the pension scheme..And also the indicator for my confirmation of job..Tu semua xde hal la..Yg plg penting..Dpt kuarkan duit KWSP yg dah selamat simpan ASB dah pun haaa..;)..Telah dgn pura2 yakinnya memilih skim pencen sbb ikutkan ckp mak ayah pada hal ikutkan hati prefer KWSP Lagi masyuk kut incomenya..Hohoh..

August 2011..My PHD scholarship was approved and my application was granted.. Alhamdulillah..Has been starting the life as a student again since the past 4 months..Mcm x caya tgh sambung PHD but that's the fact of my current life kut..Pray hard to Allah that I'll be getting the scroll on time..Moga2 tabah menghadapi segala cabaran..Insyaallah..

My 2011 ending is the sweetest.. Rezeki Allah S.W.T..Sgt x tersangka-sangka.. Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang (APC 2010)..Berkat nangis, tension, stress, tapi keep on doing works as they are.. Alhamdulillah.. Nothing to be proud of actually but to me, it's something that would motivate and relieve those painful thoughts in doing my job.. Have been not so passionate doing but still trying my best to perform it..

Sure there are still some downs instead of ups..Itulah hidup..Byk warna.. Things beyond my control seem yet to be achieved..Jodoh, perkahwinan, bla2..Gone through some almost-to-be-a-relationship but to Allah's will, I believe he knows what's the best for me and I don't mind waiting..Though this year is my last time being 20's, all in all..My 2011 rocks!!!.. Syukur Alhamdulillah for great things happened and I'm so praying for 2012 to be better.. Xde nak psg apa2 azam but my biggest wish is to stay pious, healthy and happy going through the superb life of mine..InsyaAllah..Dan semoga tabah menghadapi fasa umur yg baru..Hahaha..So wishing all of you...

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