Saturday, December 17, 2011


Malaysia is finally has factory outlet of its own!!..Ni bkn mcm FOS ke Reject Shop ke pe bagai hokkay.. This is a whole complex where those designer's brand are under 1 roof and products are sold at relatively cheaper compared to those in malls..That's the actual understanding yeah..Known as Johor Premium Outlet (JPO)..So sah2 la terletak dkt Johor (nampak sgt nak attract Singaporean..Choyy!!).. Actually ada student trip ke Johor and on the way back to KL, we dropped by to "investigate" what JPO is actually all about..;)

"Signature tower"

Masa sampai tu, tgh hujan lebat so cuaca sgt dingin dan mendung.. So my very 1st impression to the JPO complex was like.."Wahhh..Ala2 oversea gak ni"..Yepp the place does remind me of Roermond Designer Outlet in Holland that I went to back in 2009..The shop building's design and concept mmg ala2 oversea tapi xdela sama sejibik kut.. Yet boleh tangkap feeling oversea gak la lagi2 lps hujan sbb sejuk.. Kuikuikui..

"Car drop off area and one of the main entrance"

JPO ni projek Genting Bhd. and FYI, projek Sentosa Island kat Singapore tu pun Genting punya jugak (bapak kaya la keturunan Goh Tong tu)..Seluruh kompleks JPO ni mmg luas dan dibina mengikut level tanah..Secara keseluruhan ade 2 tingkat kompleks bangunan yg dibina ikut terrain..So tingkat 1 n 2 berada pada terrain level yg berbeza jadi nampak smart la design conceptnya..Secara keseluruhan ade lebih kurang 60 outlets dan bakal ditambah menjadi 130 lagi dgr2..

Antara brands outlet yg ada kat situ mcm Coach, Lacoste, CK, Nike Store, Adidas, Fossil, Cotton 0n, Burberry, Guess, Charles & Keith (ni je favorite gua pun), Padini Concept Store, The Bodyshop,DKNY, Levi's, Armani, Clarks, Salvatore Ferragamo, Poney dan byk lagi la..During my trip, there are several outlets which are yet to open mcm Braun Buffel..I'd say the brands in JPO are relatively those which are in common purchase of Malaysian..Not much on the high-end brands like GUCCI ke Prada ke D&G ke..Tapi ok la..Memenuhi selera Malaysia..

Ckp pasal harga..General understanding, this kind of outlet is supposed to provide price of factory level a.k.a cheaper whereby the products might not be the latest of trend but that doesn't really bother customers as long as the price is kinda cheap..So kat JPO ni..Masa pegi smlm, tgh opening SALE..Nak kata murah..Emmm...Rasa2 lebih krg mcm kat KL bila ada YES..Fossil purse and wallet starting price at RM80 during the SALE..Tgk tag harga asal kalau x SALE tu mcm harga kat KL je rasanya..Ratus2..Berkenan satu DKNY watch at price of RM320 and x tunjuk harga asal but the salesperson claims that the watch has been discounted for 50%..Meaning harga asal dlm nearly RM700..So ape beza kat KL?..50% due to the opening SALE and surprisingly the warranty given is only 2 weeks sbb kate salesperson tu dah discount byk..50% off, I shall get 6 month warranty la if by proper Mathematics..

In my own case, ssh nk ckp pasal mhl murah sbb harga brg2 branded kat Malaysia ni dlm lingkungan ratus2 ke ribu (tgk brg la)..So kalau kat outlet, murah ke mhl still figure yg sama..Hahaha..Whereby kalau kat oversea, 3 figures price of a product, you could get at 2 figures price dekat outlet..Baru terasa murah kut..Hahaha..

To summarize on the price range, depends la atas tahap perbelanjaan or keinginan seseorg tu sbb sgt subjektif kut..In my case..I'd just say, to spend on fuel and tolls going to south for the sake of saving few hundreds on a particular item, it's just back to square 1 actually..Tapi agak untung la utk Southern people and of course, Singaporeans..Please be reminded..Avoid to go there on weekends.. Singaporeans are way too many there..Bikin menyampah kuttt..

Pada sape2 yg nak mmbygkan factory outlet kat oversea tu mcm mana..You could go to JPO right after hujan..Mmg lebih kurang sama environmentnya..Hehehe..JPO ni complete ada foodcourt, surau, ATM.. Nak duduk shopping pagi-petang sampai lebam pun xpe..

To those who would like to visit JPO, it is located in the area of Indahpura at the roadside of Senai Interchange.

From KL via KL-JB Plus Highway
Ambil exit Nusajaya/Tuas (exit 253)in the direction to Singapore 2nd link..Then ambil exit to Senai airport (Route E 204). 600m from the exit, you will see the JPO exit signboard.

For more details on the location, you may refer to the map below:


  1. Alaaa..nk kena pegi gak nie..hihi
    ape yg awk beli cik wadat? =)
    Jadi bwk air laut utk sy? ;P

  2. Mrs. Sufian: Hahaha..Air laut pun x tapau sbb keroh..Nak tapau Coach dari JPO tu, aisshh kang awak syahdu n sebak sgt pulak...:P

  3. uishh naper sebak n syahdu kalu tapau Coach cik Wadat??

  4. Yanie: Yela beb..Nama pun org yg bg Coach tu kang sebak syahdu sgt pulak..susah..Hahahaha..Tp kalo ko bg aku, aku terima dgn ht terbuka..Hahaha..